Night is already awake

When I wipe the sleep from my eyes


And when I realize that

She is beside


And surrounding me

As she always ever is

She looks into the eyes of my soul

And the worm begins its turn


I can’t withdraw my eyes from her foot

Searching among her reverent toes

For an inch to properly worship her

Like Krishna’s Kali

She tramples my heart

Her foot within my breast

My heart without my self

My breath probation’s test


My longing is her constancy

Never shall she abandon me

Neither will she ever leave

She lives inside of me

Her home my loneliness


I fix myself up for her

I primp

I won’t be in her presence

Without being at my best

My comportment

My composure

My compassion must be so

I would otherwise be spurning her

And the one great gift she gives me

My fidelity held fail safe

By her vows to only me”


Night is a woman who embraces me

Her darkness is the gift of less to see

Her radiance casts my shadow free

Her radiance the ecstasy of less to see.



Last stanza inspired by John Gorka – Night is a woman

(C) 2012 arne torneck all rights reserved google images


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