The Elements of Analogy
by Arne Torneck (Notes) on Monday, 7 January 2013 at 10:00

Following are the sculptural elements for my Image-text work ANALOGY, as interpreted by Kushal Podar for his poem STONEMAN (re-printed below).


The Boxer


The Cat


The Cat (underside – yields the suggestion of a phallus)


(C) 2013 arne torneck all rights reserved

images arne torneck

sculpture arne torneck




Stone man


Cocooned between two stonecrafts,

devices invented to guard him

and provide food


he let his screaming cover

his frightened ears,

and yet he has no one following,


no shadow in the landscape.

The shadows remain inside him.

His worst fear his stones sharpened until


they mimic the teeth of an ancient mammal.

The stones grow larger than him.

He, a man, tired with the weight of his sleep,


draws his knees under his chin,

head on them, hands on his chest.

He becomes the egg he came from.


©All Rights Reserved By Kushal Poddar, Jan, 2013


* Inspired by an artwork by Arne Torneck