3 April 2014 at 07:58


Dawn breaks coldly

Four sculptors motor down-inlet

Arrive chilled through

In a battered skiff

At tiny Valdes Bay


No quarry

No stone

Is visible


Only a small rusted rail

Runs off into the bush

Tails out of sight

Behind a stand of cedars

Escapes into a dark wood




The men emerge

In the dappled light

Of a small clearing


Ringed about

Like ancient Stonehenge

Stand piers of quarried stone

Thick with velvet

Carpets of moss


Cathedral walls

of Douglas Fir

Spring up behind

Black Marble piers


Shafts of light

Shooting through

Green-ribbed vaults

Of the wooden giants

Cast dancing diamonds

Into the quarry pool


God has built a Cathedral

For sculptors to pray in


(C) 2014 arne torneck all rights reserved google images