Thank you Ann … you have created a somewhat mysterious representation as my portrait; one I might not have expected, or even liked. At first it seems vague and inscrutable, yet almost immediately I came to adore it. Your ghostly palette is captivating and presents a dual visage that may not be immediately discernible to many, but that becomes, for me, the most salient feature of the rendition … a kind of subliminal Dopleganger, if you like. A split personality synthesized by balanced elements of thesis and anti-thesis. This is evident in the quasi-demon that emerges as a kind of sinister glare to the right side of the whole, while the left aspect remains stoic as the “healer’ of the cellular entirety. I could say much more now, but will reserve additional criticism, that will surely emerge. In a word, I consider this to be an accurate representation, and already amongst the most favourite portraits that have so far been done of me. Thank you so much for this my darling artist. I shall treasure it … Now, if I may be so bold … what do you think of it?