The woodsman snapped a loop of root

That lashed the stump’s foot overground.

Thickroot bound stump. Rootloop bound stump,


Selfbound with hoops of wooden rope.

This hardwood scrap aroused the man

And wooed him as would fleshly things.


Dismembered phallic fragmentwood

(With its hooked end) conveys the look

That Blackbeard’s flintlock pistol would:


A tongue scoop bend,

And heartwood bore

In hearty bark.


Woodfragment sounds

Ring true

But for the crook:


The warp

From which the stump

Was notwithstanding


Rootsplinter sends

A mushroom scent

Of semen:


Fungal, like

Imago sleep

In spongewood.


Rootmorsel plays

A riddle,



Unyielding vein

Thick on the shaft

From boot of root to head.


The silty ooze from saproot glans

As shaftwood is squeezed dry,

Tastes like the sex from liquid man.

Oh, root! … Oh, stump! … Oh, my!


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